Why Is Nutrition So Important For Health?

Selection, balance, variety, prevention … nutrition is one of the pillars of health. Despite the fact that there is more and more information about how to eat, being overweight, the inclination towards junk food, excesses, and illnesses caused by poor nutrition is present in the lives of many people.

Balance, without forgetting the variety

Food is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The diet must be “balanced, varied and sufficient, but it is useless “to feed ourselves fantastically and forget how important rest, emotional balance, physical exercise, not using drugs, etc. are.

The expert points out as one of the problems linked to nutrition, the often low consumption of fruit and vegetables, forgetting about the “phytonutrients” that we can link with preventive action. We must avoid monothematic diets, “without a variety of seasonal products,” says the specialist.

To the battery of diseases described above, Serra adds that with a good diet, cardiovascular problems can be prevented, for example, by consuming “blue fish thanks to omega 3, or the presence of calcium in the diet to prevent osteoporosis,” he stresses.

In addition, we must pay attention to the origin of the food, the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and take into account “organic vegetables” because the more natural, the better. The same care that we must have with processed foods, “such as the number of sugars in many drinks that are consumed based on good” and that should be taken occasionally.

A balanced diet but also varied because if you balance the diet, but you always do it with the same vegetables, there is not this variability that all the different vegetables and fruits provide us; we fall short.

Nutrition as a weapon of prevention

Nutrition totally influences health, which is why “some professionals have tried to raise awareness to people about it because it was not taken into account, sometimes the more you know, the more aberrations are committed, because childhood obesity and cardiovascular problems are very present in society.

In our country, we have the Mediterranean diet, which is very good, and yet we take what comes to us from the other side of the Atlantic, which is very rich, very pleasant, and eaten in a very simple way, but which is not healthy at all.

In any case, the doctor indicates that in our country and those of our environment we do not have a bad diet, except for young children and young people, so you have to try to work hard with them so that they have a healthy breakfast, a correct meal and not to repeat fast food frequently.

Weapon for prevention, nutrition is probably one of the most valid and effective instruments that we have to protect our health. Let’s make food a way to enjoy life in a healthy way.