Sponsorshop Payment & Cancellation Terms

Cancellation or reduction

Notification of a sponsor to cancel sponsored items must be submitted to the Congress
Organizer in writing. The effective date of cancellation or reduction of sponsor items will be the date on which the Congress Organizer receives the written notice. 

Cancellation schedule
• Upon signing the Sponsorship application form, 40% of the full sponsor costs will be
• After 31 May 2009, the sponsor will be responsible for 75% of the full sponsor costs. 
• After 31 July 2009, no refunds will be made.

Terms of payment

After the enclosed Sponsor Interest Form is received by the Congress Organizer, a
confirmation and an invoice for the first non-refundable installment of 40% of the total
amount will be sent and is due to be paid within one month after receipt. The balance of the full payment is due and payable before 31 May 2009. Should there be more applicants for a specific sponsor item/ sponsor package, then these will be assigned by
the organizers on a ‘first come, first served basis.

IUNS Guidelines for Funding of Activities
1.In principle, IUNS welcomes external funding from all possible sources, provided that the funding arrangements are supportive of the objectives of the Union.
2. The funding source should not regard the funding exercise as an opportunity to use the name or reputation of the IUNS for promotional or commercial purposes. Whenever possible ethical issues should be guided by reference to internationally accepted codes of practice, such as those of WHO.
3. Funds may be accepted for support of various aspects of a particular meeting or project, but IUNS has responsibility over how the funds are utilized. For example, industry support would be acceptable only if it is non-designated, i.e., there would be no association, in the conference materials, between a given contribution and any specific symposium or any individual speaker or chairperson.

Guidelines for Sponsors
1. Are encouraged to endorse those products that promote good nutrition and a healthy life style.
2. Are not permitted to endorse products that are against the objectives of IUNS to promote good nutrition and healthy living (i.e. products containing elevated fat; sugar; salt content)

Important Dates :

4th July 2009
Deadline for Early-Bird Registration

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