Nutrition Through The Years And The Importance Of A Good Diet

In order to understand more about the importance of nutrition in our current world, it is convenient to know the origin of this area of ​​health that is so popular or “fashionable” or already valued. Nutrition is a topic that currently has great emphasis in our daily life, both in the professional and work world and within each of our homes and societies.

Since ancient times, food and plants have been talked about as a natural remedy against diseases and preservation of health, that is, a way to recover and maintain the balance of our body.

Despite the great advances in this science, malnutrition still prevails today due to deficiency (anemia, dehydration, etc.) or due to excess nutrients (obesity, high blood cholesterol, etc.), which makes us reflect that Much remains to be done in ensuring the consumption and proper use of food.

That is why food education is important, and today, there is a trained and trained professional (be it a Nutritionist, Nutritionist or Dietitian, or another certification or registration depending on each country) to prevent, care for and maintain everything related to the field of food and The nutrition. I can tell you that I, who have been from the first generations of the University where I studied with a direct focus on Nutrition and Food Science, still have much more to discover and develop.

The need to feed has made man develop with his environment; that is, he has changed, altered, and structured the land where he lives. He has perfected and diversified tools to pluck roots from plants and to hunt animals, and he has also used fire to assimilate inappropriate products to the digestive system. In other words, man has been developing methods to obtain more appetizing vegetables, as well as domesticated animals to ensure supplies of meat, eggs, milk, and derivatives

The human being has the particularity of selecting and preparing their own dishes, which is known as culinary art or the cooking that we do daily at home. By having good eating habits, we will be able to avoid diseases, and we will be an example for minors. It is in homes and schools where the prevention of diseases and alarming eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, obesity, etc.) of children and adolescents should be sought.

Another series of diseases that has been suppressed thanks to the progress of knowledge in Nutrition is that of deficiency diseases, caused by the lack of any vitamin or other nutrient in the diet. In the second half of the 20th century, infectious diseases ceased to be the main cause of mortality to become chronic (long-term and / or fatal) diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Statistically, it has been shown that diet or lifestyle is an important factor implicated in the cause of these diseases, and in recent decades scientists have faced the challenge of identifying dietary factors that intervene in them.